Bas Rutten på Spy Bar

Ni har säkert hört om Bas Rutten incidenten på Spy Bar, efter lite morgon surfning hittade jag en “officiell” version av Bas själv…

Originally posted by Bas Rutten

OK guys, I wrote it in Word because they ask me all the time and from now on I can copy and past it. Here we go: I was going to the Spy bar in Sweden. When I walked in the bouncers already called me by my first name and there I knew already that something was going to happen, since they call these guys the “mafia bouncers”. Then I started to jump around “Bas Rutten style” which is just jumping and dancing on the music (shit, we all dance like that in Holland, and I didn’t touch anybody). Two bouncers came to me and asked me if I could come with them, I did and they put me in this “fire escape” room, a big marble stairs going down. There one of them tells me that I have to leave, I said, OK, can you guys get my friend and tell him that I am out because he is also from Holland and doesn’t know where to go here. They didn’t expect that cooperation I guess, so that’s where one of the two put a finger in my eye, I told him to stop and that there was no reason to be aggressive and then he put his finger in my other eye. That’s where I KO’d the guy, then the little guy jumps on me and they all had these little microphone’s in their ears, so in no time there where three more. I was just fighting to get them away from me, broom sticks came out and they start to hit me with that while I was busy hitting them. It was ugly, I was trying to make it down stairs and get the hell out of there. Once I was downstairs I found the door, and what do you know, it was closed. I then turned around and I though
“OK, now I am going to hit you f@cking guys in the throat and try to take you out” since there was no other option. I looked at them and they took a few steps back. All right!, I though, they can see in my eyes that I really mean business now, and they are scared!! I was wrong, behind me was the whole police force waiting outside. They threw ME in jail, but I was lucky to know Omar who has friends all over Sweden, so I was eating cookies and drinking coffee and tea while I was watching TV! In my cel, because he knew the guards too. I was lucky to get out fast, Omar went to the group a day later and he kind off “TOLD” them that they couldn’t press charges and that’s why they let me out after two days. Funny note here: I called my wife before everything happened, when I was in a restaurant eating and drinking. She asked me was I was so happy on the phone, I told here that I had a good time there in Sweden. She said: “yeah right, you probably have two Swedish girls there with you” I said, no baby, I am just having a good time. Then when I was allowed to make my first phone call in jail, I called my wife, I said: “I have some good news and some bad, what do you want to hear first?” She said, the good news. I said, OK, I didn’t f@ck two Swedish girls. She said, what is the bad news? I said: “I’m in jail”. She didn’t really appreciate my joke I guess. “

3 Responses to “Bas Rutten på Spy Bar”

  1. Geniet skrev:

    Detta är alltså ingen ny händelse…bara en gammal goding..

  2. jeNk skrev:

    Visst har man hört denna berättelse…men kul att läsa Ruttens egna ord.

  3. sluggo skrev:

    Läst denna förrut,
    Men sjukt rolig historia

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